Welcome to the new BlackBlackCoffee.com! We are excited to announce that we have taken over this website and transformed it into a resource dedicated to testing and reviewing espresso machines.

About who’s behind behind BlackBlackCoffee.com

My name is Nigel Hooijmans, and I’m a 25-year-old coffee enthusiast with a passion for evaluating espresso equipment.

Best Breville espresso machines with Nigel Hooijmans

I have written over 500,000 words about coffee and have tasted over 100 specialty coffees in my quest to become an expert on all things espresso.

Throughout my coffee journey, I have tested over 20 different espresso machines ranging from home consumer models to high-end commercial equipment.

Now I am putting my extensive experience and coffee knowledge to work by creating the ultimate espresso machine review website.

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About how BlackBlackCoffee is coffee products

Here at the new BlackBlackCoffee.com, I will be testing and writing in-depth reviews of all the latest espresso machine models from top brands like Breville, De’Longhi, Siemens, Bialetti and more.

My goal is to provide coffee lovers with unbiased, well-researched reviews that cover every aspect of each espresso machine’s performance.

Testing speed of steam wand Breville

I will evaluate crucial factors like pressure and temperature consistency, shot quality, frothing ability, build construction, durability, ease of use, special features, and overall value for money.

My hands-on testing regime will brew hundreds of shots on each machine, allowing me to analyze shot extraction, crema production, and flavor nuances in great detail.

In addition to performance testing, my reviews will also assess the design, dimensions, and aesthetic appeal of each espresso machine model.

I understand that these machines are part of your home décor, so their look and footprint are important considerations alongside functionality.

What you can expect from us

You can expect plenty of high-quality photos spotlighting the machine from all angles so you can get a feel for its size and visual style before purchasing.

To provide the most useful information to readers, I will compare similar models head-to-head and make recommendations on which machine is better suited for certain needs and budgets.

For example, I’ll contrast affordable espresso machines under $500 against higher-end models over $1000 for espresso enthusiasts or professional use.

In addition to in-depth machine reviews, BlackBlackCoffee.com will also become a leading resource on all things related to brewing espresso.

I will be publishing tips and advice to help you dial in the perfect shot, from proper grinding and tamping techniques to dialing in the grind size and dose.

You’ll find troubleshooting guides covering common issues like channeling and how to fix them. I’ll also showcase some delicious espresso drink recipes to make at home.

The Mission

It’s my mission to take the guesswork and confusion out of buying an espresso machine for your home.

My objective, honest reviews will give you the knowledge to shop confidently.

Be sure to check back often as I publish multiple reviews each month and continuously update past reviews as new machines are released.

I’m committed to keeping BlackBlackCoffee.com the #1 espresso machine review site that coffee lovers can trust.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through the wonderful world of espresso!